Classic Data Center Part 01


Classic Data Center (CDC)


A CDC is a facility containing physical IT resources including compute, network, and storage.

Core elements of CDC

1. Application
2. Database Management System (DBMS)
3. Compute
4. Storage
5. Network 

Key Requirements of a Data Center


• Commonly deployed applications in a CDC
  Business applications 
     E-mail, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Decision Support System (DSS), Data Warehouse (DW) 
 Management applications 
     Resource management, performance tuning 
 Data protection applications 
     Backup, replication 
 Security applications 
     Authentication, antivirus 

• Key I/O characteristics of an application  Read intensive vs. write intensive  Sequential vs. random

Database Management System (DBMS)

• Database is a structured way to store data in logically organized tables that are interrelated
 Helps to optimize the storage and retrieval of data

 • DBMS is a collection of computer programs that control the creation, maintenance, and use of databases
 Processes an application’s request for data
 Instructs the OS to retrieve the appropriate data from storage

 • Popular DBMS examples are MySQL, Oracle RDBMS, SQL Server, etc. 


A resource that runs applications with the help of underlying computing components 

• Compute consists of physical components (hardware devices) and logical components (software and protocols) 
 User to compute: Handled by basic I/O devices such as keyboard, mouse, etc.
 Compute to compute/storage: Enabled using host controller or host adapter

• Physical components of compute are CPU, Memory, and Input/Output (I/O) devices

 • I/O devices facilitate the following types of communication:
 User to compute: Handled by basic I/O devices such as keyboard, mouse, etc.
 Compute to compute/storage: Enabled using host controller or host adapter.

Examples of Compute System 

• Examples of compute systems:
 Laptops/Desktops
 Blade servers
 Complex cluster of servers
 Mainframes 

• Bladed server technology is commonly used to deploy compute systems in a CDC
 Consolidates power- and system-level function into a single, integrated chassis  Enables the addition of server modules as hot-plug-gable components
 Provides increased server performance and availability without increase in size, cost, or complexity.

Server Clustering 

• Multiple servers (nodes ) are brought together in a cluster to improve availability and performance
 When a failure occurs on one node in a cluster, resources and workload are redirected to another node
• Exchange heartbeat is a checkup mechanism between two nodes
 To see whether a node is up and running.
 A fail over is initiated, if heartbeat fails.

Logical Components of Compute

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