Software Engineering History


Software Engineering History

  1. 1950s: Early Programming.
  2. Early 1960s: High Level languages and Control flow design.
  3. Late 1960s: The demise of GOTO and Structured programming.
  4. Early 1970s: Data Structure Design.
  5. Late 1970s: Structured Analysis.
  6. 1980s: Object Oriented Design.

        Modern SE Techniques

  • In addition to software design, many other SE techniques have evolved:     
    1.analysis & specification techniques.       
    2.debugging & testing techniques.    metrics (used to measure SE).    project management.
    5 software quality assurance.
    6.CASE tools (used to automate SE).
  • Most of the above are examined in this unit.
  • Modern software is developed in well-defined phases.
  • There is a lot of emphasis on requirements analysis and specification.

  • There is a distinct design phase.

  • Coding is only a small part of modern software development.

  • There is a distinct, systematic testing phase.
  • A series of phases through which a software product passes during its lifetime, such as:

        1.Feasibility Study.
        2.Requirements Analysis & Specification.
        4.Implementation (coding).

  • Many different activities may be carried out in each phase.

        Modern SE Techniques – The Software Life Cycle

        /Emphasis has shifted from error correction to error prevention:

        1.exploratory methods focused on detecting errors only during testing;
        2.modern methods focus on detecting errors in each phase of development.
        1. Reduces the amount of work that must be re-done.

        /Phase containment: detect errors as close as possible to their point of             introduction.

        /Software are developed using a well defined Process.

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