Configuring Windows Server on AWS


We will go through step by step procedure to Configuring Windows Server on Amazon Web Services(AWS).


1. EC2 Dashboard is seen below, Click ‘Launch Instance’ to create a new Windows instance.

2. Click "Select" in "Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Base".

3. Click "Review and Launch" button.

4. Click "Launch" button.

5. Select "Create a new key pair" and give any name to "Key pair name" and click "Download Key Pair" then a file named "Umesh.pem" will download after that click "Launch Instances".

6. Click "Connect".

7. Click "Get Password" & "Decrypt Password".

8.Now go to Remote Desktop Connection and provide the public IP and then click "Connect".

9. Now you can see the "Windows Server".

10. When you are terminating the instance right click -> terminate-> Yes, Terminate.

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